4 Best Cheap Cat Foods

Are moist or dry cat meals extra affordable?

In most cases, dry cat meals will be cheaper. That’s due to the fact the manufacturing technique is a bit less difficult and you are a good deal extra in all likelihood to locate comparable low-priced carbs and substances in dry food.

Wet ingredients are common of greater quality, from a dietary perspective, however will price more.

Then there is the query of fitness and most humans will argue strongly that moist meals are the clear winner right here … and in many instances it is. The primary gain of moist meals is the reality that it is moist! That extra moisture can be a massive advantage for cats that are infamous for no longer consuming sufficient water.

But the execs and cons of each are no longer usually so straightforward, and the actual reply to which is high-quality will rely on your character cat and its needs. Your veterinarian can assist you to make a pleasant choice for your tomcat friend.

The fine less expensive moist food
Now that we’ve got cleared up the basics, let’s take a nearer appear at our favorite options.

Best overall: American Journey moist cat food

As a Chewy-exclusive brand, many humans have not heard of American Journey, as you might not discover them on the shelf or with different online suppliers. But they are a clear winner for our pinnacle basic spot with notable elements and low-cost prices.

The first 5 elements come from animals, which capacity this cat meal is properly desirable to your cat’s carnivorous roots. At about a greenback a can, it is additionally nicely inside your budget! That already low-priced rate is earlier than launching any auto-ship provides as well.

However, this meal is not simply about being low cost and American Journey has made quite a few of our lists, such as the great cat meals barring poultry.

American Journey additionally has zero remembers in the back of it, however additionally notes that they’ve solely been round given that 2017. So it is now not completely honest to examine them to manufacturers that have been around for decades. But I’m now not going to whinge about a zero recall song record!

The first evaluation of the 5 ingredients.
Before we cross on to the 2d place, let’s take a nearer appearance at the first 5 components to study greater about what’s going on with the diet. We’ll appear at the turkey and salmon recipe.


As expected, the first ingredient is a nice animal-based protein that fits the taste of the recipe. According to AAFCO, when we see a single meat ingredient like this, it is “primarily the muscle tissue of the animal, however, can also encompass fat, cartilage, and different tissues that usually accompany muscle, comparable to what you may see in a serving of uncooked meat. meat offered for human consumption.”
That’s an amazing beginning and mild years in advance of something like corn or different carbohydrates as a first ingredient.

Turkey broth

The tremendous majority of moist ingredients will encompass broth or, in some cases, simply water. I’m usually completely satisfied to see an animal-based option, as many broths have a lot of advantages for cats.

Chicken broth

A 2d broth isn’t always ideal, however, it helps maintain this recipe inexpensively.

Turkey liver

We’ve already talked about how offal can be a brilliant addition to cat food, in particular when we’re searching to continue to be affordable. The liver is normally more cost-effective than top-rate muscle meat, which helps preserve expenditures down, but it is nevertheless a first-rate supply of diet A, diet K, iron, and phosphorus for our cats.

Dehydrated egg whites

I’m usually blissful to see a nice protein supply in addition down the ingredient list, as lengthy as we have the precise stuff at the pinnacle of the listing as well. Eggs are a tomcat superfood and an exquisite supply of protein for cats.

Finalist: Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Recipe

Taste of the Wild is our finalist determination and you cannot go incorrect with this preference either. With the top six animal-based ingredients, the Rocky Mountain recipe is way in advance of different price range cat foods.

We’ve considered Taste of the Wild show up on many of our cat meals lists, from the nice cat ingredients to make it via to our listing of the quality low ash cat meals Taste of the Wild persistently ticks many bins for meals great cats.

Unfortunately, Taste of the Wild and its dad or mum agency Diamond Pet Food do not have the equal best recall music report as our high-quality overall. Recalls are a section of pet food, and whilst most do not justify definitely brushing aside the brand, it does make Taste of the Wild our 2d area in contrast to the best story at the back of the American Journey.

first 5 ingredient analysis
Let’s dive deeper into the Rocky Mountain recipe, additionally known as the roasted salmon and venison recipe, by using taking a nearer seem to be at the first 5 ingredients.


When we see a single named ingredient, with no extra qualifiers, we comprehend that it can also consist of the animal’s most important muscle tissue with some different parts, which the cat would usually devour anyway. In general, that is a top thing! Salmon additionally gives cats wholesome fatty acids that have a host of advantages and are an extremely good first ingredient.

Fish stock

As with any moist food, we would anticipate seeing something that provides moisture and an animal-based broth is usually a proper choice.

Chicken stock

A 2d broth maintains the ordinary price down, which is precisely what we’re searching for here.

Chicken Liver

The liver has many advantages for our cats and, when delivered in moderation, offal is an incredible way to maintain cat meals nutritious however inexpensive.


Another animal supply of protein is a super addition to this recipe.

The nice for choosy eaters: Merrick’s meals journey bags

Even if you are on a budget, your cat may additionally no longer care, and there are masses of choosy pussycats who like the accurate stuff. That’s the place Merrick Backcountry comes in.

Not solely does it suit the budget, however, with a large variety of special flavors, you are certain to locate something your cat will love. And when we say special flavors, we’re now not simply about the addition of turkey over chicken. Instead, you can pick from rabbit, duck, white fish, and even beef.

The luggage additionally has a sturdy scent to humans, we would possibly even name them stinky, however, it makes this meal greater attractive to our tomcat friends. That delivered enchantment can honestly assist now not solely choosy felines, however, it can additionally make it simpler to swap to Merrick Backcountry from some other recipe.

But Merrick Backcountry isn’t always simply about tasting top-notch … it additionally has a strong ingredient listing with the pinnacle 6 substances coming from animal-based proteins. That’s imperative for your carnivorous kitty. At this point, it may additionally appear like having the first 5 components from animal sources is especially standard, however, let me guarantee you it is not.

Unlike the fashionable can, Merrick Backcountry comes in pouch form. I honestly like these due to the fact I discover it a little less complicated to squeeze out the more juices except messing up, however, some human beings might also lose the can.

Overall, Merrick Backcountry is an exquisite option. With 5 one-of-a-kind flavors, many of which you and your cat will in no way have viewed before, low-cost prices, and a nice ingredient list, it is a fantastic choice. Even greater so for choosy cats who are worn out of the widespread flavors.

The first evaluation of the 5 ingredients
Let’s take a nearer seem at the substances internal Merrick Backcountry. With 7 flavors to pick out from, it was once difficult to choose which one to review, however, we are going to take a seem to be at the red meat flavor.


We would not count on something much less right here and red meat is now not solely a terrific supply of protein for cats, however, it is additionally something you possibly have not viewed before. Beef is an extraordinarily uncommon ingredient in most cat foods, however even greater so in price range options.

Beef broth

Broth for brought moisture is a fashionable ingredient in most moist meals and it is no special here.

Lamb stock

As we have viewed before, the addition of a 2d broth can certainly assist decrease the price. I like to see every other novel protein supply in the structure of lamb, as it can similarly enlarge the attraction to some finicky cats.

Beef liver

The liver is an extremely good supply of quite a few nutritional vitamins and, as lengthy as it is no longer overdone, organ meat is a gorgeous addition.

Boneless lamb

According to AAFCO, boneless is precisely what it sounds like and this is actually lambing besides the bones. It would have been convenient to encompass rooster here, which would decrease some of the universal novelty of the diet, so I’m satisfied to see Merrick delivered some other special protein source.

Finalist: Whole Earth Farms Grain-free dry cat food

Our runner-up is the salmon recipe from Whole Earth Farms, which is a lesser-known corporation below the Merrick umbrella. The business enterprise is brazenly centered on staying budget-friendly, and whilst they’ve joined the grain craze, that does not imply the meals are carb-free.

Still, it is very challenging to supply up carbs when searching at dry meals and, whilst it is now not suitable for your carnivorous cat’s species, the debate over long-term effects is nevertheless unclear.

The salmon recipe aspects three animal-based protein elements inside the first five. That’s now not as precise as our satisfactory typical and explains why this is a runner-up, however, it is nevertheless stable when it comes to the world of low-cost cat food.

The first evaluation of the 5 ingredients.
Let’s take a deeper seem to be at our final decision by means of reviewing and inspecting the first 5 elements in the salmon recipe.

Salmon meal

While I opt to see muscle meat on the listing as the first ingredient, salmon meal meets our requirement of being an animal-based protein. Because tons of the fats are eliminated to shape the meal, the typical fatty acids are no longer present, however, it is nevertheless a protein-dense ingredient.

Turkey Meal

Turkey meal is every other protein-rich choice and is desirable to see every other animal-based protein.

Dried Potatoes

All Whole Earth Farms cat ingredients are grain-free, however, that would not imply they do not include carbohydrates and this is our first non-animal ingredient. Potatoes don’t seem to be an excellent desire for cats, however, they assist hold costs down.


Peas are every other ingredient that is now not suitable for your species. It provides to the normal carbohydrate content, however additionally helps preserve the charge down.


Without the addition of every other animal-based protein, Whole Earth Farms would no longer have made the list. We have our first ingredient that is no longer in meals form, and whilst it would ideally be greater on the ingredient list, salmon nonetheless offers protein and fatty acids.