How Often Must I Change My Cat’s Water?

Cats are notoriously finicky about water. Which is huge trouble due to the fact they’re additionally properly acknowledged for having terrible hydration levels.

But one of the pleasant (and easiest) matters you can do to assist cats continue to be hydrated is to make positive they continually have clean ingesting water.

So how frequently must you exchange your cat’s water?

We strongly recommend that you make it an everyday habit- or as shut as you can get.

Why Change Your Cat’s Water Bowl?
When it comes to water, your cat sets the rules.

Keeping your cat hydrated is one of the most essential matters you can do for your cat’s long-term fitness and due to the fact cats are regularly chronically underhydrated you want to adapt to their habits and preferences.

But why are cats so horrific at staying hydrated?

Cats in the wild get a massive element of their water consumption from stay prey like mice, rats, and other small mammals. In fact, one finds out observed that “Mice and weanling rats had complete physique water of seventy-four and 74.7%.” When some others find out about appeared at the habits of feral cats, they discovered that feral cats will consume as many as 9 mice per day! When the entirety you consume is nearly 75% water, staying hydrated is all at once a lot easier!

But unfortunately, your residence cat hasn’t tailored nicely to this trade-in weight loss plan and if your cat is ingesting dry meals solely they have to count the number on sincerely consuming water to get their hydration.
That’s why something we can do to inspire your cat to drink more, along with altering our cat’s water regularly, is properly really worth it.

Let’s seem at a few different motives why you ought to commonly trade your cat’s water.

Your Cats Wild Ancestors

If you’re leaving water out for days at a time, your cat may have excellent cause to appear a little picky! While cats have been domesticated for nearly 10,000 years, it’s nonetheless beneficial to assume about their wild roots.

In order to remain secure in the wild, cats wanted to be precise about what water sources they drank from- and which ones they avoided. Standing, stagnant or stale water would be prevented in choose of fresh, clean, or jogging water.

This is additionally why some cats can also select to drink from the waterside even with a flawlessly properly bowl right in the front of them.

Cats Care About Taste

While it varies from tomcat to feline, many cats are downright choosy about how their water tastes. That ability they simply won’t drink if the water hasn’t been refreshed lately enough.
While water doesn’t “go bad” it can get a bit stale and if you’ve ever inebriated water that’s sat out for a few days you be aware of precisely what I’m speakme about.

Your cat doesn’t like this taste, however in reality who does?

But matters get even worse for your cat due to the fact their water bowl is low to the floor the place dust, debris, and different yuckiness can without problems settle.

So whilst your cat would possibly appear like a whole diva for passing on “stale” water, for your cat’s wild ancestors passing on horrific tasting water ought to have been an existence or loss of life decision.
Bacteria Can Build
But the style isn’t the sole problem.

That open water bowl is like an inn for bacteria. Not solely can micro organism enter from the surroundings however microbes from your cat’s salvia can enter the water bowl and begin a little microorganism party?

Cat conduct specialist Pamela Johnson-Bennet factors out any other supply of microorganism in the bowl, “If your kitty performs in his water, there’s additionally the icky stuff from his paws (think of the sandbox) that is transferred into your water”


If you’re altering your water bowl each and every day (or even each different day) you shouldn’t have any microorganism problems. But if you’ve bought a cat that loves a true splish-splash in the water bowl it might also be even greater essential to put in force day-by-day water bowl adjustments for your cat!

Bacteria is additionally every other cause why we advise stainless metal water bowls for your cat. Stainless metal is an awful lot much less probably to harbor bacteria!

How Often Should You Wash Your Cat’s Bowl?

We advocate that you wash the bowl as a section of your everyday routine. Use a warm soapy water answer however make certain to definitely rinse the cleaning soap out due to the fact I can promise that your cat will now not be excited to drink soapy water!

The best way to do this is to combine it into your each day dishes routine. If you’re many times the usage of your dishwasher this will become easier- simply make certain to pick out up a dishwasher secure cat bowl.

It’s additionally a lot simpler if you have a couple of cat bowls per water location. That way you can provide your cat a clean bowl with clean water besides having to do any dishes.

What About Water Fountains?

If your cat makes use of a water fountain then you may also no longer want to alternate your cat’s water each and every day. Many of these cat fountains encompass a water filter that continues your cat’s water smooth and fresh.

Our preferred fountain (and the one I use) is the Catit Flower Water Fountain which makes use of a triple motion filter to hold the water clean. It additionally maintains water flowing so there’s no longer clearly somewhere for the water to take a seat and get “stale.” If you’re involved in mastering extra you can click on right here to test the state-of-the-art rate on Amazon.

You ought to nevertheless get a normal timetable for altering your cat’s water (and cleansing the bowl) if you’re the usage of a fountain however you can additionally get away with a little much less maintenance. Don’t forget, you’ll additionally want to set a timetable for altering the filters!

Water Bowl Location

To make matters simpler on yourself (and your cat), make positive to location your cat’s bowl or water fountain someplace that doesn’t have a lot of dirt or particles in the air.

I recognize that a lot of cat proprietors preserve bowls in the laundry room however that remaining issue you desire is the entirety from the lint lure to flow down into your cat’s water bowl! Even altering the water each day won’t be capable to maintain up with that.

You can additionally maintain water cleaner by setting it in an accelerated region that different pets can’t reach. If your cat has to share the water bowl with more than one pet (like dogs) you may additionally want to be altering the bowl even greater than daily!

Finally, if you’ve obtained a cat that likes to splash round in their water you’ll favor picking out an area that can’t get ruined or broken via water. You ought to additionally test out my state-of-the-art information to discovering a spill-proof water bowl to stop this from going on altogether!

Final Thoughts
So how frequently ought to you trade the water in your cat’s bowl?

We suppose we’ve made a fantastically sturdy case for each day! Cats deserve to have got right of entry to easy water and your cat’s water bowl can get soiled quickly. Between your cat’s litter container paws splashing round and simply the everyday dirt and particles in any home, your cat’s water bowl can emerge as a haven for microorganisms in a be counted of days!

Just be mindful that your cat would possibly now not be as choosy as they seem. Because what’s choosy now used to be honestly realistic in the wild! Avoiding bad-tasting standing water in want of clean, clear, and clean water is how your cat’s ancestors survived!