14 The Worst Foods for Your Body, According to Science

The effect of eating unhealthy food on the body may appear through obvious physical changes such as weight gain or bloating, and eating this type of food leads to obesity and other related diseases. these are the worst food that each human should avoid to keep a good health

Potato chips

Eating potato chips, known as chips, is one of the most dangerous eating habits practiced by some, which causes many health damages. Ready-made potato chips are one of the most dangerous foods whose danger lies in the ease of purchase, speed of eating, and the possibility of eating them in large quantities, and some of its damages are increased cholesterol in the blood It is deposited with harmful saturated fats due to the frying oils in which it is fried. It increases stomach irritation and inflammation problems, irritating stomach acids, causing ulcers and stomach flu. The flavorings and industrial additives in them weaken the body’s resistance to disease, weaken immunity, and increase the incidence of local obesity for children and adults. And the ready-made potato chips suffer from appetite blockage because their artificial colors help in this condition, and therefore the body gradually weakens.

Fried chicken

Fried chicken may present many health problems because it contains a high percentage of fat due to placing it in oil or ghee, which makes it high in calories that lead to obesity and various health problems. Eating fried chicken in general poses a great danger to people’s health, and eating chicken with the skin, which contains many fats, elements, and hormones harmful to health. And the damages resulting from eating fried chicken, including high triglycerides in the body, high levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood, and an increase in the incidence of obesity. And exposure to heart problems and disease, such as blockage of the arteries.


Fried donuts are one of the favorite desserts of many, and despite their delicious taste, they may carry many health risks. Donuts contain high amounts of sugars and artificial sweeteners, which cause tooth decay and bleeding gums. Eating donuts at intervals may improve mental health, but eating them daily or weekly causes mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, and stress because they contain sugars that affect brain chemistry.


Fondant contains a high percentage of fat, which causes an increase in calories. It increases the chances of people developing some diseases, such as high cholesterol levels in the body. Thus the person is more susceptible to heart diseases, as well as diabetes and obesity.

Deli meat

Eating deli meat per day can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. Processed red meat usually contains nitrates and other chemicals, which are added for flavor and color, and these risks are not only in red meat but in some other modified meats. And high amounts of nitrates and sodium may be the reasons that lead to a higher risk of heart attacks and diabetes.

Cheese Fries

In addition to calories, anything that dips into a deep frying pan will contain a large dose of saturated fat. Usually, saturated fat raises bad cholesterol in the blood, putting a person at risk of heart disease and stroke. Despite the distinct taste that fried potatoes have, eating too much of it is a big risk, as fried potatoes contain a lot of fat to absorb a large amount of oil.

White Russians

Eating white Russians that are created from vodka and heavy cream is not healthy. Vodka is one of the most famous alcoholic forms of fat. For a long time, it began in the idea of ​​cosmetic and medical purposes, and even ingestion it in white Russians and addiction to it and turning it into a drink can cause many terrible damages at times.

canned soup

Canned instant soups are one of the worst options. They are high in hydrogenated oils, full of salt, contain preservatives and artificial flavors, and canned in plastic containers. They contain bisphenol, which increases the chances of high cholesterol and blood pressure. There is a group of ready-made soups damage and diseases that they can cause.

Non-dairy coffee creamer

Coffee is the morning drink for many people, as it helps them wake up better and perform daily tasks. Some resort to adding a touch of cream to the coffee to add a creamy texture to the coffee or improve its bitter taste. Coffee creamer consists of hydrogenated vegetable oils in addition to sugar made from corn and some other ingredients, which makes it an unhealthy option, because hydrogenated oils are trans fats, difficult to analyze. In the human body, besides containing high calories.


Many genera, such as its appearance in the market, greatly made it one of the favorite types of confectionery and bakery factories. Industrial margarine butter is made from types of vegetable oils. It belongs to the category of industrial margarine. Still, all types of industrial margarine differ in industrial ingredients, additives, and proportions. Still, Many types of margarine do not contain cholesterol, and this is one of the advantages, and not all types of margarine are good, but some types can cause more damage to public health.

Hot dogs

Medicinal meats are considered healthy, and they have been shown to treat heart disease in studies. The meat found in the meat found in the meat. Hot dogs are high in saturated fats and cholesterol. Unsaturated fats are beneficial to health as they reduce the level of harmful cholesterol. In contrast, saturated fats may lead to the building of solid accumulations in the arteries, increase cholesterol in the blood, and the danger of disease heart and blood vessels.

veggie burgers

Veggie burgers increase weight. It is a portion of fast food that contains a high percentage of calories, which will help gain weight, which is not beneficial for health. Hamburger contains a high amount of cholesterol and saturated fats. A high amount of cholesterol and saturated fats is linked. Processed foods contain artificial additives such as preservatives, emulsifiers, and these substances contribute to an increase in the level of stress and stress encourages the body to produce more energy in the form of metabolic fuel, which makes the liver secrete more bad cholesterol.

Sugar-coated cereal

Sugar-coated cereal is harmful to health due to its high content of processed and refined sugars and trans and saturated fats, and therefore eating large quantities may lead to many health problems.

Honey wheat bread

Eating Honey wheat bread may lead to several symptoms in people with some health problems. The most important of these problems is a wheat allergy, whose symptoms begin to appear within the first minutes of eating bread, as wheat allergy sufferers notice itching.