13+ Things a Fast Food Worker Won’t Tell You

Fast food that is prepared and served in public places causes serious harm to human health and causes a significant increase in weight because it contains large proportions of fats, proteins, and sugars that all accumulate in the body. Besides, fast food usually does not follow the correct nutritional principles and standards, and there are many secrets that the employees of fast-food restaurants will not tell you about. Most of them are the reason for the increase in consumer demand for them.

Fast food restaurants have become an integral part of our society, and it is not easy for everyone to resist their temptations. But often, those restaurants resort to tricks to attract customers and sell as many products as possible. It is known that fast food is not always the best healthy option, but when fast-food restaurant workers share some of their kitchens’ secrets, many lovers of these foods are sure to be shocked.

Among the surprising secrets about fast food restaurants, there are the following :

1- They are grilled meat

The meat is prepared in large factories, and after it reaches fast-food restaurants, it is deliberately frozen to be cooked quickly and adds an artificial smell of smoke to make it look like it is grilled.

2- All foods taste the same

Restaurant owners know what people like about certain flavors and foods, so almost all sandwiches and meals have the same taste.

3- Restaurant colors are designed to increase your appetite

You may notice that the colors red and yellow are found in most international brands of fast-food restaurants, and the reason for this is that these two colors increase the appetite of individuals.

4- The food is ready to eat quickly

In fast-food restaurants, you can chew a piece of food 12 times on average, but you can chew the piece for 15 times on average outside these restaurants.

5- Settle burgers in an instant

You may be surprised at how fast burgers are prepared in fast-food restaurants, but the secret is to freeze the burger before taking it to cook in the kitchen, so it is cooked in 30 seconds.

6- “Styrofoam” cups

Some restaurants use Styrofoam cups instead of paper cups for coffee. Still, the first contains chemicals mixed with high-temperature substances that can affect the nervous system, causing depression and lack of focus.

7- Sell more

It’s hard to turn down something when it is offered directly to you. 85% of people ask for more than they wanted when employees offered them other food items.

8-Eggs are not just eggs

The eggs that are sometimes featured as an ingredient in breakfast meals in these restaurants contain both real eggs, a mixture of glycerin and dimethylpolysiloxane, a form of silicone, and the food additive E552 to improve the taste and make the eggs look fresh.

9-French fries contain 19 ingredients

The legendary flavor of potato in fast food restaurants is made by mixing nearly 19 ingredients. Potatoes are one of these ingredients, and the other 18 are fats, additives, flavor enhancers, and more.

10-Kitchen odor is part of the marketing strategy

When walking by the side of fast-food restaurants, the tempting smell is hard to resist. This happens for a reason: restaurants make sure that the scent goes out into the street and finds its way directly into people’s noses. Some restaurants leave the kitchen doors open for this purpose.

11- Food appears tastier when eaten with hands

Knives and forks are not given in fast food restaurants because when a person eats with his bare hands, he gets more pleasure, and as a result, he eats more.

12- Skimmed milk

You must ensure the quality of the milk presented in the drinks and the food provided to you, and the barkeep can tell you that he will add skim milk, but he will definitely use the milk available to him, whether free or full.

13- Restaurants hate paying with credit cards

This reduces his chances of getting a tip, so he may tell you that there is no credit card payment machine or that it is broken.

14-Carbonated drinks are cheaper than tea because they stimulate the appetite

In fast-food restaurants, soft drinks are usually cheaper than other drinks because they want to push people to buy more soft drinks, and it should be noted that carbon dioxide will stimulate the appetite.

15 – Grills made of clams

The clam grills are set at 750 ° C and can cook a regular beef hamburger in just 38 seconds.